How can I change menu links based on language selection?

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Hey guys!

I have this track123 app installed, and I want to change the link in my menu to fit the language that is selected. I have seen that different languages on this page are possible but I don't know how to turn it into reality.


Here is my page:




Please help me with this problem.


Thanks a lot.



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Hey @UrsusTheMinor - lovely store! Is there a way to show me an example of where I would click the link to get to the /community/tracking page? The answer will be that there are two ways you could do this: 1) If the link is embedded in HTML somewhere, you could 'translate' the link by language, i.e. add the /fr/ or /de/ subfolder dependent on which language you're browsing in. 2) Better would be to use a Page that will do this routing work for you automatically. I'd just need to see an example of how it's setup. Thanks!

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Thanks for the reply @richbrown_staff.


I have set the link up in the header in the menu. The link that says tracking.