How can I effectively translate email notifications in different languages?

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Hi Everyone,

I have an issue with translation of email notifications. Primary language of our store is Latvian, and optional languages are English and Russian. Biggest problem is with Send invoice notification, so when customer choose payment option - to get prepayment invoice to his email, we need to send him invoice from the order page manually ( thats ok, a have made quite good template for that....), but when customers language is set to english or russian, that email with invoice is scrap. I have tried to go to localize and just copy latvian email inside english and russian, but pictures are not showing than ( you can see it in attached pictures) , i don`t know why. Is there proper way to translate notification emails without some other apps?




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Hi @AleksejsLalins , I'll do a fuller response next week but for a quick answer, there will be issues with the HTML / Liquid that's been copied over. It's important to copy and edit the original code (behind the < > menu) rather than the rendered rich text version. My suggestion is to start again with the Latvian code, and then double check you're editing in the right place. Send yourself test emails as you go.

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