How can I resolve the geolocation language issue on my website?

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Hi everyone,

I am struggling with an issue. 

I managed to set-up another language which is French FR and made all the translations.

When English customers arrive in the website, no issue they get to choose the english default language. But when French goes to my website, the geolocation app of shopify is asking them with a pop-up if they want to continue with a location set in FRANCE but with an english language. So they miss all the translations...

If you click "continue" the URL become  /eng-fr  instead of  /fr or  /fr-fr

How can I change this parameter?


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Hi there, Rich from the product team here. What language are you browsing in? If there is a language on the store that matches your browser's language, the recommendation will be made. So if your browser is set to English, and the store has English, regardless of where your location is the language recommendation will be English. Is it possible you are testing from France but with a browser set to English? Thanks

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