How can I set Latvian as the main language on my domain?

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Hello! My site has 3 languages (English, Latvian, Russian). Latvian and Russian translated with Translate & Adapt.
The main language of my market is Latvian.
How can I install the Latvian version of the site on the main domain (now it is in English). And put the English version on
Is it possible?

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Hey @Jekaterina_L , to do this make Latvian the default language of your primary market Latvia. Note that this is not the same as changing your store default language in Settings > Languages - that should be avoided unless you need to.

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Hi @richbrown_staff . Similar question here. In Settings - Languages English is default and then there is also Icelandic. I have primary market Iceland. English is currently default language for primary market so the Icelandic version now has URL

If I change default language in primary market to Icelandic I get warning "Removing Icelandic from your primary market will break any URLs"

First of all, I am not removing language, just switching the default language from English to Icelandic for this market.

But I am wondering, due to this warning, if I save this change whether I will break something or lose translations I have already made?


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Hey @Sjoppuvesen this is aimed at if, for example, you had existing advertising pointing at - those links would break. But if that's not a risk for you you can safely change the primary market default language. Just avoid changing the store default language.

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