How to fix a language change issue in my Shopify store?

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Buenos días, tengo publicados dos idiomas a parte del Español predeterminado y al cambiar el idioma en la tienda en el navegador, me sale una pantalla de algo salió mal. Nose como solucionar este problema alguien puede echarme una mano? Un saludo y gracias de antemano. 

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Hi, translating this to English (sorry I'm not able to help in Spanish) it says:


@Jaimepinares wrote:

Good morning, I have two languages published apart from the default Spanish and when I change the language in the store in the browser, I get a screen saying something went wrong. I don't know how to solve this problem, can anyone give me a hand? A greeting and thanks in advance 

Could you share a screenshot please to help diagnose? Thanks

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