How to fix broken account button link when changing languages?

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Hello, I installed the translate plugin, but I get an error when switching between languages ​​because the link to the account page is broken. When I select a different language and click on the account button on the top right, I get a 404 error because the link structure is broken. How can I fix this problem?

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problem link : arasındaki / how to fix link / ?

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you can use the "Shopify Theme File Search by EZFY" Chrome extension


to search for e.g. #login_pupop inside your Theme to find the line of code that (probably) contains this bug.





Once you've found it please post it here.


In the long run, I'd recommend using a translation app like Langify since then we can quickly fix such issues for you after sending you a collab request.

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Thanks for sharing advice @michaelivanov . Reminder this is a forum for Translate & Adapt.

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