How to translate words that are not picked up by translation apps

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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to translate some words that are not picked up or available to translate through apps like Translate & adapt. It's basically the days of the week and months that appear in the cart section. These dates come from a third party app that allows the customer to book for a local pickup or delivery. Since the default language is English, how can i translate the days and months in french or make them available for the app to translate in french? Please see the screenshot of the cart section below (Website is in french but dates in english)




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Hi @ADT77 , Translate & Adapt can access and translate content saved to the Translations API. For 3rd party app content, that means we can see it if it's saved to the theme or to metafields. For other content, alternative apps that have the ability to translate in the front end but also use the translations API include: Langify (custom content translation feature), Langshop (dynamic content feature), and Translate My Store by Hextom (visual editor). These can be run alongside Translate & Adapt no problem. It's worth checking with the app developer here to see where they save the content. Rich

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