Language is switched to default when clicking on /{{ shop.locale }}/checkout

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Dear Shopify Community,

I am writing to ask for assistance with an issue we are experiencing on our Shopify store, specifically related to language settings not persisting through the checkout process.

I've implemented multilingual support on my store and are attempting to manage language preferences across different pages. The issue arises when customers proceed from the cart to the checkout page; the language reverts to the default instead of maintaining the selected locale.

Here is how I've implemented the locale in my checkout link:

<a href="/{{ shop.locale }}/checkout" class="button-checkout"> <span>{{ 'minicart.general.checkout' | t }}</span> </a>

Despite this setup, the locale does not persist when navigating to the checkout. I've ensured that each locale is correctly configured and enabled in our Shopify settings under Settings > Languages. Plus, I have just these apps (

 Shop, Translate & Adapt, Online Store, Point of Sale, Search & Discovery, Email 


Could you please assist me in diagnosing and resolving this issue?

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