Second product option "Color" values will not work on the translated site.

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I added a second Product variant (Color) to my Shopify store and now the translated site does not show the selection as active and shows duplicated product options (translated and not translated).

The original Shopify language is English and it works in English fine.
If I select a different market or language, the new product variant (color) options is not active.

Original language product (works fine) >
Translated language product (do not work) >
Translate-Shopify-error1 copy.jpg

Before I had only 1 option "Size", but now I added a second option "Color".

I had same problem with another product but it started to work correctly after 3 weeks:

Here is video where I explain the problem:

My theme support looked same problem and told that this should be Translation app error.
Any ideas?

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