Translate & Adapt On Third Party App.

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Hey there,

I use NA age verification by Northern Apps for my website. 
I also use the Translate and Adapt app by Shopify to Translate my content. 
So when the website is in english, the Age check app looks and works fine. 
When the website is in German, the look changes. I think is a problem of the translator, but I can't find any section in the translation app where I can modify how it works on other app. 
My website URL is:
Attached you find the screenshot of the 2 versions. 
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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey @fyt , two suggestions would be to contact Northern Apps to ask the how translation works, and secondly to export the Translations CSV and find the relevant text if it's saved to the theme (or metafields). What's likely happening here is that a field with code in it has been auto-translated. If so, delete the translation in column H of the CSV in the relevant field, save and reupload.

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