URL of policy pages appears in English regardless of correctly translated page.

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Hello all, 


I run a bilingual website. My translations are done through T-lab and everything works smoothly. Except when it comes to the policy pages generated by Shopify. 


I am able to create the pages in the policy section. I write them in French since my default language is French, but the URL at the top displays in English. I suspect that this is creating a conflict for the Google Merchant console as I<ve been told I am misrepresenting and that I should check my policy pages. 


Policy pages are correct and in the right language, but the URL needs to be in French. A quick search revealed that others have had this issue. https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-design/changing-the-url-handle-of-policy-pages/td-p/758698


I've contacted support and was told it was a browser issue on my end, which it isn't. We've replicated the error on several machines, browsers and platforms. 


Has anyone encountered this and found a fix? Does using adapt and translate fix the issue?


Thanks for your help! 


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