Why is my Translate & Adapt module not displaying code correctly?

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Hi folks!


I've reported a bug with Shopify Translate & Adapt module.

When i use the the module and translate something that is not translated, in code view, when i start coding, the section not expanded well. I only see 4-5 lines of code and a scrolling bar appear at right side. When you build for exemple 32 lignes, you only see the first ones. Its look like a problem with CSS that doesn't expand well the Window.

See capture:



If i save and reload the page, the area is expanded and show all the code lines. It's anoying... not something hard to resolve at my opinion.

To reproduce:

- you need a empty translation, clic on the icon "Source Code <>" and start coding a few lines. 

Chrome version: Version 121.0.6167.189 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

Also tested on Edge, same. 




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Shopify Staff
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Thanks for sharing this and the accompanying detail @8ternity , we'll get this looked at

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Hi Richbrown,

I've contacted support, they try to reproduce and theyt old me that its on my side. To clear cookie and cache of browser, which i did this morning. Samething.

To reproduce, i edit a page, remove all the code, Save. 
I reload shopify, open the Translate & Adapt module, edit the same page, open code view; type anything, samething happen.


See capture :