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404 error - subdomain to sub sub domain

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Hi all,


I'm looking to fix our 404 errors in Shopify. We have opened up multiple markets, but since this caused many many URL's to be created (through many subdomains), we now decided to remove these markets for now. A second reason for this is the 404 errors I encounter regarding the URLs from subdomains.




See above, the picture, in which a product page with a specific subdomain (NL market) links to another URL towards the same product, but with a "double" subdomain in the URL:



The problems I face:

1. I cannot find the specific link on that product page

2. The problem occurs multiple times (for different market/language combinations), so there should be a structural solution to this.


Anyone can help me out? 

Thanks a lot!



Co-Founder of GIMMY
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