Alt Text not displaying on Page Speed Insights Dawn Theme

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We are using Dawn 10.0 and many of our pages are showing "Image elements do not have [alt] attributes" on Page Speed Insights....

I have looked for solutions in the community but no real fixes.


Anyone else having this issue?  Any ideas to fix?


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Do you have alt text in the shopify admin section?


If yes, then you require further help.


If not then go to the product and add the alt text to the products.


Alt Text Example · Products · 104 CD DVD Carry Case Disc Storage Holder CD Case Sleeve Wallet Ideal In Car · Shopify.png



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If you have a lot of products, you can use an automated SEO app to add the alt text then go back and customize it if you wish.


Those message could also come from other images on your site, like header images, hero images, etc. That might require some code to fix, but over all shouldn't be a issue. 


Make sure your product image alt is handles before taking on the random site images



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Share your site URL.
This oculd be an issue with Dawn theme, it could be you just didn't add alt tags to your images, or it could ben app that is loading images without alt tags.

We need more context to help you properly.

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