Any Services To Eliminate Render Blocking Resources?

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I’ve been running speed tests for my site and have a very low mobile score (while having a good desktop score of 72). PageSpeed insights says I need to eliminate render blocking resources. I do not have a deep enough knowledge of coding to try any fix on my own. Are there any Shopify approved services available that can look at my site and find non-critical resources alongside critical resources and sort them out?

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Hi @LowSpark 

I would love to recommend the AVADA SEO Suite, which has multiple features to optimize your site speed on both desktop and mobile. 
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- Lazy Loading 
- Minification 
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Hello @LowSpark ,


Yes, there are services which can do that. Shopify experts is one such service. You can also check Shopify apps if you like to go the app route. 


From the bit of information you have given, I think our app can fix it.


Here is the link :

Swish: Page Speed Booster 

Shopify Speed Booster Application