Blocked from speed tests - help needed

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Hello guys,


The new theme we’ve just finished is having difficulties with loading/speed testing. We have reached out to a Shopify Expert for speed improvement but they can't even get speed tests to run on our theme to benchmark any improvements, they think maybe something is blocking our theme from loading or something.


We’ve tried to start benchmarking and begin optimisations on the theme named “BLOCKSHOP 2.0 - FINAL VERSION”:


Currently, we are unable to get a valid page speed test from Google or one from a Shopify Speed Analyser. I've attached screenshots of this, it either times-out or something blocks it providing an error message. There must be something that prevents Google Pagespeed Insights / Lighthouse from getting speed results.


I have reached out to all the apps installed on our new theme but they all say it's nothing to do with them so I'm really stuck. It would be so so helpful if someone could take a look to see what could be causing this.


Many thanks,

George Greenhill


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