Can I use the domain “” instead of “”

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There are many requests for the domain "" in one page. I guess,  some requests will be blocked by the first requests.


So can I use the domain “” to replace “” for part of requests? 



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Not to load Shopify's native assets. However, you can load your theme or 3rd-party assets through external CDNs to increase concurrent HTTP requests.

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Hello @miaomiao,


This is not possible on Shopify, as all the assets which we upload on Shopify have "" by default. However, if you want to change the domain of specific assets then you need to upload it on your own server, and then you can use it on Shopify. 


Hope it was helpful. Please let us know if you need any further help.



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Hello @Cedcommerce ,

How do we use our own image url in the Shopify JSON file? It does not accept it.

Thank you.