Can removing unused Google Tag Managers improve site speed?

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We're trying to improve our site speed as our current speed score is 11 and noticed that we have 3 Google Tag Managers, but it seems they are "unused". We were wondering if that is part of the reason our score is so low and if 2 Google Tag Managers can be removed.




Would anybody happen to have any insight on this?


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Hi @TomHes 


You're absolutely right. GTM tag can increase a significant amount of weight on a site, reducing its loading speed.


I suggest you go into Online store > Themes > Edit code > Search for "Google Tag Manager" or "gtm", then remove the unused ones.


Hope this helps 🙂


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Thank you @vian_FoxEcom 

I was unable to find any of those in the code. I also looked at other articles and it seems this might need to be tackled in the Google Tag Manager directly, however, we are unable to figure out which of the GTMs in our system we can delete and which one(s) we actually need.


Thanks for your help anyway.


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Similarly for us, gtag (Google Tag Manager) is the biggest third party offender in terms of blocking execution (taking about half a second) as reported by PageSpeed.
I downloaded the theme to be sure and there's no reference in code.
We have no Custom Pixels.
We only set it up through the "Google & Youtube" Sales Channel.