Can someone please give me advise on my websites load speed?

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You can use google chrome's lighthouse tool, it will analyze and evaluate your store's performance, thereby offering optimal performance solutions for your store.



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Can I check the store

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Yeah sure

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Your website takes 3.3 seconds to load the first bit of content.

According to Google your losing more than half your visitors before the page ever loads.
Google says 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load.

And Google will reduce the amount of crawlers it sends if your server is slower than two seconds.

Now every line of code increases the amount of time it takes to load a page.

And currently your page has over 13866 rule count.

188 break points.
Uses !important over 350 times.
Has 125 errors in the HTML and another 815 with 282 warnings in the CSS.

Your code is a mess.
And get rid of the footer links to social media sites.

You want to send traffic from the social sites to your website and not from the website to social media sites.

And those likes might get you fined thousands in California with the CCPA.

If your serious about wanting the site to go faster, design it in CSS and use the bare minimum in template code and optimize and resize your images.