Can we safely remove multiple JQueries to Improve site speed

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According to the online page speed analyzers, JavaScript is why our site is slow. It shows that we have three separate versions of JQuery being included. These are likely all being included from different apps.


Can we safely remove two of these, or would it break stuff if we remove them?

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Yes you could, by depending on the situation, you might have to account for the following complications:


1.Jquery version

Jquery has had some breaking changes with its updates over the years, so an app might be depending on an old version of jquery, or newer one. so you'll just have to double check the one version you load works for every app and your store


2.Loading order

You'll have to make sure that your version of Jquery loads before any of the apps


3. It might not be possible

Sometimes an app will  call some code, and INSIDE of that code, they call Jquery, so there's not really much that can be done there.


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