crazy amount of sessions coming from Council Bluffs US

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Hi, first off I have read other posts on this and apparently this is Shopify speed test, but I would really like some more information from whoever has it. 


Over the last week, 151 out of 176 of my visitors have been from Council Bluffs, United States. This is incredibly disappointing for me and really messes with my store analytics. furthermore why does this speed test need to run this many times? It said that yesterday it ran 17 times alone.




It also doesn’t make sense with my other results. I have been getting a few clicks through from Pinterest ads yet when I try to view the location of these the numbers just don’t add up if you remove these Council Bluffs numbers. Is it possible that some of the clicks that can’t determine a location go to this instead? I am incredibly confused and if anyone could enlighten me that would be really helpful. Thanks.

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I too have experienced this. Since the start of the month we have seen over 400 sessions from this.

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Same here too much traffic from Council Bluffs. This is really very bad. No support from Shopify. Its messing with traffic and target location.