Desktop speed good but mobile not so good

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I have managed to get my desktop speed up to a good mark, but I am struggling to get my mobile speed much lower. is this possible without changing the look or feel of the website?? I think my theme is the main problem but I like the theme so the only other thing is to go fully AMP including the home page

Any advice would be great..

Thank you

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To keep things clear, all the shopify AMP apps don't "convert" your theme to AMP, they have their own AMP compliant themes, so you would still be changing themes in a way.

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Thanks, I know the AMP themes are separate, I already have AMP for products and collection, I was hoping to speed my theme up as I prefer that to the AMP theme for the home page as it just looks nicer, but worse case if I can not improve my empire theme mobile version up then I will have to upgrade the AMP to the home page also..

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Hi @Zerohero 

I went through your Page Speed Insights report and also ran your site through the Shopify Analyzer. You scored a 99/100 on the Analyzer, which is awesome!

After going through both reports, there doesn't look to be very many optimization opportunities beyond what you currently have implemented. You have some unused JavaScript, but those are related to 3rd party apps so not much can be done there.

Your website is performing quite well, but if you wanted to go even further I think applying AMP to your homepage would be a good next step.

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Thank you for your response, I have been working hard to get it down to a good mark and I am pretty pleased with the site speed, however with the google update in May I was hoping I could improve the mobile speed, at the moment it says I am 3s in 4G but I would like to get this down a bit as Google says 3s is slow, I would like to be faster than my competitors but a few of them are around 2.5s.

Do you think if I mess around with CSS and JS files it would improve the score? or have I hit a brick wall 😞 


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How did you turn on Lazy Loading with the Empire Theme?

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I paid theses guys to install it for me..

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