Does anyone know how to speed up your shopify store

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My store has a speed score of 38 and I'm not sure how to rectify it,  The theme I am using is ride and Im not very good with the coding aspect so haven't really looked into that, please help

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Hey @fk1220,


Thanks for your question!


Improving the speed of your Shopify store is crucial for providing a better user experience and optimizing your website for search engines. While coding optimizations can have a significant impact, there are still several steps you can take without diving into coding! I shall go through them with you below:


  • Optimize images: Large image files can slow down your website. Use image compression tools or Shopify apps like Crush pics or Image Optimizer to reduce file sizes without compromising quality.
  • Minimize apps: Evaluate the apps you have installed and remove any that are unnecessary or causing performance issues. Each app adds extra code to your store, which can slow it down.
  • Reduce the number of products per page: If you have a large number of products displayed on a single page, it can impact load times. Consider reducing the number of products per page or implementing pagination to load products as the user scrolls.

  • Check for unnecessary code: Sometimes, themes or apps can add unnecessary code snippets to your store. Review your theme's code to identify and remove any unused or redundant code. While you mentioned you're not comfortable with coding, you can still reach out to Shopify experts or developers who can help optimize your theme for speed. They can identify and fix any code-related issues that might be slowing down your store.

Remember to monitor your store's speed after implementing these changes to gauge the impact and make further adjustments if needed.


Let me know if I can clarify anything further,

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Hi @fk1220 

I hope you are doing good and welcome to the Shopify Community!
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For the Shopify Speed Issues on your store, you need to Speed optimization.

Few Tips to Speed Up Shopify Site-
1. Use compressed images
2. Optimize use of Shopify apps
3. Implement AMP
4. Consider Professional Help
5. Use a single Hero Image
6. Minify Js/Css files



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A faster website can lead to higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates. Here are some steps you can take to optimize your Shopify store's speed:

  1. Choose a Lightweight Theme: Select a well-coded, lightweight theme that is optimized for speed. Avoid themes with excessive features and animations that can slow down your site.

  2. Optimize Images: Large images can significantly slow down your site. Use image optimization tools or apps to compress and resize images before uploading them to your store. Shopify's built-in image optimization can help with this as well.

  3. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN): Utilize a CDN service to distribute your website's content across multiple servers worldwide. This reduces the distance between your visitors and your server, resulting in faster loading times.

  4. Minimize Apps: Limit the number of apps you use on your Shopify store. Each app adds extra code, which can slow down your site. Only keep apps that are essential for your business.

  5. Optimize JavaScript and CSS: Minimize and combine JavaScript and CSS files to reduce the number of HTTP requests. Use Shopify's built-in optimization features or hire a developer to do this for you.

  6. Lazy Loading: Implement lazy loading for images and other non-essential elements. This loads content as users scroll down the page, reducing initial load times.

  7. Enable Browser Caching: Configure browser caching to allow repeat visitors to load your site faster by storing certain files locally on their devices.

  8. Reduce Redirects: Minimize the use of redirects as they can add extra time to page loading. Ensure that any redirects you use are necessary for SEO or other purposes.

  9. Remove Unused Code: Clean up your theme code and remove any unused code or assets. This can be done by editing your theme or hiring a developer.

  10. Regularly Update Shopify and Apps: Keep your Shopify store and apps up to date. Shopify often releases updates that include performance improvements and bug fixes.

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It's hard to tell for sure without looking at code, but slow load speeds are usually caused by too many apps and non-optimzed Shopify themes which cause either images, CSS and/or JavaScript to slow down the loading of pages.

Post a link to your store if you can, this way you might get more detailed answers.

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