Domain issues. No records and no options for settings

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Hi, I'm having an issue with my Shopify domain.


The domain redirects to my Shopify shop with no problems ( but in my domain settings it is showing a few issues.


I recently closed a store that was using the domain and transferred it to my new store. The domain was purchased through Shopify.


When I go into my domain, there are no settings there to change any of the records. I have gone through the entire help section to troubleshoot the problem but it tells me to change the settings, and there aren't any.


I have uploaded screenshots to show that there is no settings to configure my domain.


I'd like to get this resolved quickly, as I cannot set up my email address and certain aspects of my store aren't working.


Also another point to add is that is has been over 48 hours since I transferred the domain.


Thank you.




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