Google Ads show more clicks than my website

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I had recently setup Google Ads on my store and made sure to link my Google Tag and Conversions and test that they worked, I noticed today that my Google Ad admin hub shows more people have clicked my link than how many people have visited my Shopify store. Is there something that I might have setup incorrectly? I don't want to pay more for clicks than I'm actually getting on my store.



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I went through on my Google Ads page and made sure that my website URL was using https. Previously it just said  instead of https://www....

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Hi @NateBaby335 


Looking at your two screenshots for 16 November, it seems to be about 14-17 clicks on Google ads and shows 10 sessions on Shopify reporting? It does not seem too far off.

It might be better to choose the same date frame to do the comparison and avoid doing the comparison on the day that has not ended yet.


The reported figures are NOT updated in realtime so you would likely see discrepancies if you compare them if the day has not ended.

Also, make sure the timezone you've set in Shopify settings is the same as in Google ads settings - if the timezones are set differently, that could also explain any possible slight discrepancies.

Hope that sheds some light.






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