How can I boost the speed of my Prestige themed store?

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My store speed is currently 32, and I have the Prestige theme that I pay for. 

I deleted apps I don't use and made my images smaller in size. I'm not sure what else I can do? 

The report says things like reduce unused javascript but I dont know what is unused and I dont want to remove anything that is vital. 


 If i click on the links it takes me to a page full of code, so I dont understand what exactly I need to do. There's a lot more 'opportunities' that are listed and a lot of it is about javascript


my website is



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Hi @Ahimasho,

The suggestions from Google PSI are, just suggestions so I wouldn't make them  gospel. Especially the unused JS recommendation, as the tool is not smart enough to know if the javascript is unused across the whole site. The best option is to manually go through the theme.liquid file and remove scripts that you are not using or hire someone to do this for you.

To help you, I ran through some speed tests and it loads in ~2.5 seconds with average internet connection in US, which isn't too bad. However 2 seconds is the sweet spot.

I did notice that the lazy loading is being applied to the hero banner  on page load. Images that appear in the users viewport on page load shouldn't not be lazy loaded,as the browser needs to unnecessarily wait until it parse the lazysizes scripts, requests 1x1 image and then load the full size image . We have a guide on lazy loading here.

Also some of your images are very large in file size e.g. this image is 512KB Maybe compressing and using normal JPG since you are already lazy loading this image.

Lastly I did notice you have your images named .png.jpg. I think just choosing one file format will be better. PNG should be for high quality images, and JPG for images you want to load quickly and don't mind loss in quality.

Feel free to reach out!



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This is such great advice, thank you so much!

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Hi @Ahimasho 

Before I get into my recommendations, I just want to say that a speed score of 32 is actually pretty good and is well above average. We work on a bunch of Shopify websites every day and we typically see scores range between 15-25. I wouldn't focus too much on this score though, since it's not the best indicator of actual page speed. A ton of other metrics go into that score and it's based on Google's Lighthouse engine (same engine that Page Speed Insights uses).

Some of the recommendations you'll get aren't applicable to Shopify sites and some could even decrease performance. Also, a lot of the Unused JavaScript warnings are usually related to 3rd party apps. In the case of code coming from 3rd party apps, nothing can really be done on our ends.

We actually performed a recent case study where we tried to clear as many Page Speed Insights warnings as possible. It surprisingly resulted in a worse-performing site. You can check out the full case study here: Case study: Does Raising PSI Score Improve Page Speed?

I see that you uninstalled any unused apps, this is a great start! However, you'll want to make sure that the related code has been completely removed from your theme. It's pretty common for code to be left over after an app has been uninstalled. I'd just go through your main theme files (theme.liquid, product.liquid, etc) to ensure no old code remains.

I also ran your homepage through the Shopify Analyzer (free analysis tool our team built) and it looks like you could benefit from reducing the size of an oversized image. Here's your full report:

It looks like the image in question is loading up at 1200px on mobile. We recommend keeping mobile images smaller than 960px and desktop images smaller than 1500px. Beyond that, your website is performing really well.

I hope this info was helpful. Best of luck!

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Hi @Ahimasho

It's PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App  here and there's some notice I have when checking your site speed. Here's the results of your page speed checked on PageSpeed Insights: The score on Desktop is 91, which is very nice already, but on Mobile, it only scores 41 so here's some of my suggestions to improve your site. 

1. Remove all unnecessary CSS code, this might come from your theme code. You can contact Theme Provider to see if there's anything they can do to minimize the theme code.


2. Delete any unused third party apps. These are the 2 main sources that take up most of your store that eventually will affect the page speed.


3. You can try Lazy Loading as well to reduce loading time all at once. PageFly do offer this feature as default when building page. 


So I hope that these are somewhat helpful for you in improving your site speed. you can also check out this article on Page Speed optimization . If you find this comment helpful, please give it a like and mark as solution. Wish you all the best!

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