How can I correct a liquid code error and further reduce TTI speeds on my product page?

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I have done extensive research on how to optimize my page speed. This led me to deleting unused apps and ultimately the left over code as well. After following pageflys tutorial on deleting everything I am left with a liquid code error that can be seen at the top of my page( I have gotten home page speeds down to 9 sec(TTI) but my product page is still around 14sec(TTI). I have two questions:

1. how can I fix the liquid code error displayed on my website? 

2. how can I efficiently reduce TTI speeds further specifically on the product page?

any help and insight would be very much appreciated.




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I figured out the line of code that needed to be deleted for the error. I am trying to figure out how to optimize speed on my product page on mobile specifically. i cant figure out why i would have a 14 sec TTI 

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Hello @Joeynootz


We would like to inform you that we checked your storefront regarding the liquid code error. However, we didn't find any error message on your website. 


Could you share the screenshot of the error, so we will let you know the best possible solution?


Also, your website speed is slow on mobile devices. Hence, we suggest you hire a Shopify expert who can help you get them fixed. 





Hope it helps. Let us know if you need any further help.




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