How can I effectively increase my website speed score?

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Need some guidance and recommendations on how do increase the speed score?

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Mahmud Asad
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One more suggestion which can help increase your store page speed.

- Delete unused Shopify apps installed.

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Hi for speed improvement many factor can affect as per below 

1. Theme that you selected 

2. Image optimization that you use on store 

3. App uses, app can load many script fine in background 

4. Do minimum redirect of url 

5. Do lazy loading if not 

6. Do Code Optimization and minifiled Js and css file 

If want to improve speed let me know i can do 

Best regard 

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Is there a list that shows themes and speed scores?

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Hello Mahmud_asad,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!

Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Compress large images: Large images take too long to load, and impact the overall speed of the website. You can use SEO tools, like SEOKart, to reduce the size of the images, without hampering the visual quality of the images.
  • Remove unused JavaScript and CSS: Many times, when an app or software is removed from a website, it leaves some residue in the form of unused or dead JavaScript or CSS, which have no role in the functioning or performance of the website. However, removing them can help in enhancing the speed and performance of the website.
  • Reduce the number of redirects: The number of redirects on the link increases the waiting time for the users, and hamper user experience.
  • Remove image carousels: Image carousels increase the loading time of the website, so removing the carousels and replacing them with still images can help reduce the loading time.
  • Implement AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source HTML network that enables Google to store the cached versions of the pages in a mobile server, which reduces the speed of the website on mobile devices. 
  • Implement lazy loading for advertisements: Lazy loading is a technique in which resources on the website are identified, whose waiting time to load is increased, which allows other critical resources on the website to load quickly.
  • Compress or minify scripting: If the website scripting is heavy, then it can impact the loading time of the website. Use GZIP file format to compress scripting and reduce the loading time of the website.
  • Compress large fonts: Reduce the file size of large fonts on the website and remove unnecessary glyphs to compress large fonts and allow them to load quickly
  • Enable browser caching: This helps enable the browser to store cached versions of the pages, which reduces the loading time of the website on that browser.
  • Utilize CDN: Content Delivery Network allows the creation of proxy networks across the world, which reduces the distance between the servers and users’ browsers; thus, reducing the waiting time for the users.
  • Use PageSpeed Insights: PageSpeed Insights allows users to identify opportunities to enhance the speed and performance of the website.

Hope it helps!