How can I eliminate billing information collection on my e-commerce site?

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due to the nature of our business, we just take orders on shopify and then once a certain threshold is met we process payment via QuickBooks

HOWEVER, customers are still having to go through the laborious task of filling out billing addresses and such when we really don't need them to and could make the process a lot faster and easier.

My question is if and how can I get rid of any collection of billing information?

Thanks in advance!!

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Wrong forum, you can edit some settings for checkout, but otherwise you'll need to have shopify plus, if you can afford it of course.

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I'm afraid that it's not possible to edit the checkout besides changing the language (under Shopify Admin > Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Languages) and the options that you would have under the Themes > Customize Theme > Checkout part of your theme editor.

That said, You can't remove address fields. The reason for this is because our checkout is a secured page, which we require for staying PCI compliant

I hope this was helpful, looking forward to your response! Have a great day!

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I suppose you selling digital products? This article may help you:


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