How can I find professional help for website optimization on desktop and mobile?

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Hey guys,


Could anyone point me in a good direction for getting my website optimized on desktop and mobile. I've added a lot of custom code on the Dawn theme and have a lot of hi-res product images. 


I am looking to hire someone to completely optimize my site for desktop and mobile (WITHOUT AFFECTING IMAGE QUALITY). Where is a good place to go to hire someone?


Website: Wholesome Boy




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Hello @WholesomeBoy,


Our Whidegroup team have significant experience optimizing website performance for our client's websites built on Shopify. One of the examples is described on our website in the Case studies section (not sure if I can provide direct links here). The case is called - GENERATE. Speed Optimization for Japanese Designer Furniture and Accessories Store


Please, send me a direct message if you'd like to discuss this further.


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