How can I improve my mobile page speed?

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Afternoon all,

I have had a look at other threads, and not been able to find a solution to my issues. I have been trying to make my page faster, I seem to have improved the desktop, but the mobile has took a massive hot, it does not seem this slow when I go on it on my phone tho? Anyone able to help?



These are the screen shots...





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t does not seem this slow when I go on it on my phone tho?

 That's probably because you have fast internet and a good phone. Don't assume because a site load fast for you, it will load fast for someone else.

Its important to know your target audience, if your target audience is Americans in big cities, then you probably don't really need to worry about pagespeed insight score, as that audience won't have much of an issue.


Anyway, as to how to actually increase your score, I'll break it down.

You'll probably want to hire a developer for most of these (cough cough I'm available, and there are also those speedboostr guys)



Avoid an excessive DOM size 1,129 elements



This means you have a tiny bit too much content, maybe remove a row of images. The more DOM elements, the longer your time to first contentfull paint. 



Properly size images



The images in your first section are being loaded too large for their containers.

The images are displayed at 290 px wide, but the actually image being rendered is 1920, so you have a ton of redundant image weight.



Eliminate render-blocking resources



Defer offscreen images



Avoid enormous network payloads Total size was 2,937 KiB


Most of this is the images, if you properly size your images, that'll reduce the weight of the page. You should also see if you can compress your images a bit.

You also have images showing on over for the "new in" section and the "our favorite" section, these are completely pointless in mobile, since you can't hover, so your loading all these images that won't be shown.


Reduce the impact of third-party code Third-party code blocked the main thread for 21,530 ms

Reduce JavaScript execution time 21.4 s



There is something really wrong here. Maybe you have an app that is adding waaay too much javascript, or something in your theme.

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