How can I improve my mobile site speed without losing key features?

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Hi all


Please can someone assist me with my shopify speed. My store is absolutely basic and I have done speed tests on page speed insights as I made changes. The dawn theme has a speed of 96 when you just add it. The moment you add a social media icon, it drops to 78!! and as you add more stuff to the homepage it drops all the way to 30. 


My store url

As you can see the site contains minimal elements and overall features and information. I have used the Tapita speed app and that took it from a mobile speed score of 30 to 76. Unfortunately this isnt good enough for some marketplaces that link to my site. 


I feel that shopify should do a little more to optimize their themes. This means the paid themes are also now questionable. You could pay $400 for a site and then as you add info, your speed goes down the drain. Overall shopify is a great platform but this is totally unacceptable. All their themes drop in speed as you add stuff. The only way a user like myself can get their speed us in through third party apps. I can't explain the disappointment in this. Removing any more stuff from this store will result in no confidence from a customer. 


These themes should be more optimized for mobile devices since most shopping is done on mobile devices. I'm pretty sure a huge e commerce company like shopify is able to do ALOT better than this. When you contact support regarding it, hoping for a solution, they mention you should hire a expert. This is a basic requirement that every online store should meet and exceed and shopify is no where close to meeting speed requirements on their themes. This has overall negatively impacted the way i view and use shopify on a daily basis. I feel its wrong for a customer to make use of a shopify expert and pay hundreds of dollars for simply wanting a average or "decent" mobile speed.


Could anyone assist on any suggestions or actions i should take to increase my mobile score, without removing key elements that provide shopping confidence to my store. Im actually terrified to even add another collection to my home page, as this will likely drop my score to below 30. 


Please note that i have barely any apps connected, a very low amount of 3rd party apps and javascript. I have made every reasonable attempt to better the mobile speed but to no avail. 


Any suggestions or direct assistance will be really appreciated.

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I have checked your store. And run speed tests, It is around 60 for all the pages, which is a good speed score. Your site does not have many apps, so you can just remove any animations and resize and optimize your images to see some difference in speed. And eagerly load LCP elements and keep different image for mobile according to its dimensions