How can I improve my page speed?

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Hi guys! I'm running a Shopify store with a purchased theme and custom designs. But I recently noticed that site speed is becoming slow - 27/100. How can I fix this? What are the ways? I've tried some speed checker tools, but they're seem so complicated. Are there any simple solutions for this?

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Hi @Jean09,

You can enter your website’s URL through the Shopify Analyzer. It’s a free tool we built for the Shopify community.

It’ll give you some actionable feedback you can use to determine what exactly could be optimized throughout your site.

Some common optimizations will include:

  • Implementing true lazy loading
  • Optimizing images throughout your theme
  • Minifying files so that they execute faster
  • Uninstalling any unnecessary apps along with any leftover app code.

I hope this helps! If you need assistance with any of the above, feel free to reach out to our team.

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Try out our Shopify Analyzer (free performance analysis tool).
Check out Order Automator (app that auto tags + fulfills orders, and more automation)
More Apps: Theme Scientist (A/B testing tool), Tip Jar (add a tip button to your store), File Optimizer (optimize CSS, JS, Liquid)

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What's your website link ? store speed issues comes 90% from your Shopify theme

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Hi Jean,


Welcome to Shopify Community. 


Here is a few things that can be done without too much coding:

1. Compress images of your store with different online tools, i.e TINYPNG

2. Analyze and delete unused apps at your store, they can drastically affect your speed. 

If you wish our agency can help you with this speed optimization, fill out this form and we can discuss:


Wish you a nice day ahead! 

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Hello Jean,

It would be helpful if you can provide us your store url, as there are a lot of instances as to why.

Most of them were answered already by some people, I completely agree in Heavily Compressing your Images.

Some of them are due to badly-coded apps, you can try to get a Shopify Speed Expert but that would cost you hundreds of $$$'s or even more.

I would recommend you to check and see PLAK Theme over the others, not only for the speed or the SEO optimized theme, but also for their great customer support, those guys will never let you down.

They have a 14 days free trial money-back guaranteed too. The theme hits "A" Score, 100% score in Page Speed and 100% SEO in lighthouse, this is definitely WORTH it.

Feel free to check out using a speed test tool: if you wish to check out the Plak Theme, please refer here:



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These are some points that will help you to keep your store’s speed optimized:-

  • Optimize all the images
  • Eliminate using multiple apps- Using multiple apps hinders the speed of the store. You can try the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. It has all the essential features integrated in a single app & you don’t have to install multiple apps. 
  • Use a fast and reliable hosting
  • Use a Content delivery network (CDN)
  • “Minify” your code
  • Reduce redirects and broken links
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Hello @Jean09 ,

You need to work on your website performance’s speed with following point that I have mentioned below.
Low mobile page speed may kill your traffic and affect your conversion.

In order to Improve website speed you need to:
- Remove unnecessary code on a high priority basis.
- Compressed images or Defer off-screen images.
- Web Pages need to be Minify.
- Reduce JavaScript execution time
- Minimize main-thread work
- Beware of excessive liquid loops
- Decrease thumbnail image size
- Weigh the benefits of installing another app

By fixing these issues, your website speed score can definitely improve. For more details please check and select the plan you wish to select -

If anything is missed out or unclear then don't hesitate to ask
Thank You!

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Hi @Jean09 ,

I'm Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly Free Page Builder.

Some quite familiar tool you can check your page speed is:

Based on my experience, there are some tips I think would help you in optimizing your store speed:

- Main problem for the low loading speed usually comes from your image size. To optimize website speed, images should only weight less than 100kb. You can use tool like to compress your images. 

- Reduce redirects from pages to pages

- Minimize the number of JavaScript and CSS files

- Enable compression (Use Gzip, a software application for file compression, to reduce the size of your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files that are larger than 150 bytes.)

Hope these things could help you to better your store speed. If you think this comment is helpful for you please hit "Like".

Thank you.

Have a nice day then!


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Hi @Jean09 ,


Tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix give you a complete analysis of the speed and performance of your site and the areas in which improvements can be made.

One of the primary factor that bulks up web pages and slows them down is unoptimized images and other media. You must ensure that all the images you upload are compressed (maybe by using tools like TinyPNG or TinyJPG) and that they’re not too large in dimensions. Ideally, don’t use images that have a width greater than 1280px.

You should apply lazyloading to all the offscreen images and media that appear below-the-fold.

Another important but simple optimization that you can perform is minifying the JS & CSS code on your Shopify site. Minification helps improve the speed of your site by reducing the time it is taken to parse the code.

A bonus tip: Remove all the unnecessary or unused apps from your Shopify store. These apps tend to load extra code on your site which increases the loading time. Also, make sure that you properly uninstall these apps as they can leave some code on your site even after you have uninstalled them. Get in touch with the developer of the app and ask them how to completely uninstall the app and remove all the leftover code.

I hope that these tips prove to be of some help to you! If you’d like some more help then you can write to us:

At W3SpeedUp, speed and performance optimization of websites is our forte and we’re here to help you out!

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