How can I improve my site speed and is it worth the effort?

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My site speed is low, I have optimised imagery (using TinyIMG) and am running a version of my theme (Blockshop by Troop w/ mods) with Lazy Loading. Nothing is improving the speed and I am overwhelmed with confusion about what is the effective and trustworthy way to go.


And how much priority I should give this.


I can't accurately analyze my page speed as my url gets this response from Page Speed Insights:
Unable to resolve Try checking the URL for validity.

I have raised this with my domain provider 123Reg to understand why I get this response.

So here are my questions:
1) How big a deal are page scores?
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Product 28

Collection 27


2) If I update my theme to the latest version will I lose all paid for mods and will this even help improve the speed?

3) Where can I find a trustworthy dev to improve my page speed and what are the approximate costs to expect as a quote?

4) What is the best service to assess and understand what is slowing down my store?

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to share some insight and advice regarding this.

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Happy to help here. We are developers of Pasilobus Turbo Speed Booster  in Shopify app store. 

Please see answers to your questions below: 

1) Speed score is important to ensure a smooth user experience and higher speed score will help you rank higher in search results. There are however two sides to the speed problem, perceived speed and speed test scores. To improve user experience and make your store feel fast, install our Pasilobus Turbo app. To increase your speed score, you need to have your code optimized and fixed. 

Install Pasilobus Turbo

2) Generally, the latest versions of Shopify themes score better in speed tests, though this is not true for all Shopify themes. The most common reasons for low speed score are uncompressed images and apps that inject heavy javascript or makes calls to external servers, which prolongs your load time.

See more here:  Why does a Shopify app slow down your store?

3) Our support team can assist you fix your code, You can contact us on our website:

4) You can run Google Page Insights test on your store and review the report. This is the best way to see all bottlenecks that cause low speed score.

I hope this helps, feel free to ask if any other questions 🤓

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