How can I improve the speed score of my Testament theme store?

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Hello I'm currently having trouble with the speed of my store. I'm using theme Testament. I'm considering getting a whole new theme because I've had so many issues. Any help would be great. Thank you! Shopazzera

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It would be helpful if you could provide a store URL so that others can check.


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Hi @shopazzera 

Like others have mentioned, we can't give much tailored feedback until you provide your store's URL.

In the meantime, I'd recommend taking a look at our in-depth optimization guide: How to Optimize a Shopify Site: Complete Guide to Faster Load Speed. It can help walk you through some common optimizations if you'd like to handle those in-house.

I'd also recommend running your store's URL through the Shopify Analyzer (free analysis tool our team built for the Shopify community). It'll provide some actionable insights into what could possibly be optimized on your site. 

Please feel free to reach out to our optimization team at if you need any more help 🙂


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Try out our Shopify Analyzer (free performance analysis tool).
Check out Order Automator (app that auto tags + fulfills orders, and more automation)
More Apps: Theme Scientist (A/B testing tool), Tip Jar (add a tip button to your store), File Optimizer (optimize CSS, JS, Liquid)

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Hello @shopazzera 

If you are looking for some of the best Shopify themes then you may select any one of the themes i am mentioning a list of some of them below:

 1. Unero - Clean & Minimal Shopify Sections Theme

Create your online shop with Unero. It's one of the best Shopify themes on ThemeForest. It features a clean and minimal design that can attract all types of shoppers. Uno also has advanced swatches for product details.

2. Elomus Shop - Single Product Shopify Theme

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3. Eva - Responsive eCommerce Shopify Sections Theme

Here's another modern option for Shopify templates. Eva is a customizable eCommerce theme worth checking out. It has eight premade home page templates to choose from. Eva also features a drag and drop page builder to make a varied selection of theme possibilities.

4. Porto - Responsive Shopify Theme

Porto has a clean style, and a touch of raw finesse. Although pitched as a fashion store, its clean lines could be turned to a wide array of store types. Check out the available demos for a better idea of how it could suit your eCommerce project.

5.Avone - Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Avone appeals to customers looking for quality and clarity. Its home page puts buyers in control–user experience having been forefront in the design process. Clean and feature-packed, Avone is a Shopify theme which lets shoppers browse and shop with simplicity. There's a large variety of demos to choose from for inspiration.


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Hi @shopazzera 

This is PageFly - a Free Shopify Landing Page Builder. I have checked your page ( and have some comments regarding its store speed

- Your Facebook live chat is the main source drag your store speed

- Your image should be converted to webg, it would reduce so much of the space. In PageFly we automatically do that to optimize store speed

- You should change the image width and length, for example if the block you want to add the image is just 500x500 and you upload a 2000x2000 it could do negative effect on your store speed.

Consider partial loading of hidden and off-screen images after all important resources have been loaded to reduce interaction time 

- Set explicit width and height for image elements to reduce layout variation and improve CLS.

- Remove unused CSS, JVScript code based on this: i suggest you to have a dev to edit this cause editing theme might cause trouble for the unprofessionals.

This all I have to say, if you feel this comment is helpful for you to draw a good insight please give me a like and / or mark it as solution!