How can I increase my website speed effectively?

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My website speed is only 42 points, who can help me improve my website speed? I also want to try to improve according to the modification plan, but it's terrible, I can't understand those professional words and codes at all, thank you 

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Hello! I improve my website speed also through these given below strategy my website is calculador.

I understand that you are looking to improve the speed of your website, but you are having trouble understanding the technical aspects of the modification plan. It's great that you are looking to improve your website's speed, as a faster website can improve user experience and even search engine rankings.

There are many factors that can impact website speed, including the size of images and other media files, the complexity of the website code, and the web hosting service being used. To improve website speed, it's often necessary to optimize these elements, which can require technical knowledge and expertise.

There are a few options for improving your website speed:

Hire a professional: If you are not comfortable with the technical aspects of website optimization, you may want to consider hiring a professional web developer or a company that specializes in website optimization. They can evaluate your website and make the necessary changes to improve speed.

Use website optimization tools: There are many tools available that can analyze your website and suggest improvements. Google's PageSpeed Insights is a popular free tool that can provide insights into how to improve website speed. You can also use tools like GTmetrix or Pingdom to analyze your website and get suggestions for optimization.

Optimize the website yourself: If you have some technical knowledge and are comfortable making changes to your website, you can try optimizing it yourself. There are many resources available online, such as tutorials and guides, that can help you understand the technical aspects of website optimization.

In any case, it's important to start by analyzing your website's current speed and identifying areas for improvement. From there, you can make changes to your website and monitor the impact on speed.

I hope this information helps, and good luck with improving your website speed!

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Hello @Summer-joy!


I was having a look at your website, and with exception of some images loading slower on product pages, I found the speed of the site to be quite reasonable as it didn't affect my experience when navigating.


When it comes to site speed, we take into consideration several factors, some of which can be controlled, and others that cannot. 


Let's take product images as the first example, since they did take a second longer to load than the rest of the pages. If the images are high quality large files, then it is completely normal to experience slower loading times. If you're finding that the image load times are affecting the user experience negatively, then you may need to consider optimizing the images. I would recommend trying an app like LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer to do this.


Examples of factors that cannot be controlled include the customer's device, their network connection and their location - which can all contribute to a slower site speed.


I have a full guide on this for you in our help doc on improving your site speed here

You mentioned that you find some parts of it difficult to understand, so in that case I would recommend looking into this with a Shopify Expert


Experts are freelancers that charge their rates based on the work that they do, but they can help you further investigate some factors that you may not be fully comfortable looking into yourself, such as diving into the code of your theme.


I understand that you're finding the speed to be less than adequate on your end, - could you please specify some of the things that you're seeing?


While looking into your site speed I also had the chance to browse your store for a bit - you have done some really nice work! I found it easy to navigate as your homepage had links to all of the featured products, which look great!


One suggestion I have is moving your Brand Introduction section from the bottom of the homepage, and placing it higher, or maybe even at the very top. The reason for this is it would give your website a more natural flow, starting from a description of the brand and giving some background, and then moving on to the products. 

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Hello @Summer-joy,


This is Gina from flareAI app helping Shopify merchants get $6Million+ in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

There are various methods to enhance the speed of your Shopify website, and you don't necessarily need to have the technical knowledge to do so.

1. Optimize your images
Large images can reduce your website's speed, so you should compress and resize them before uploading them. You can use tools like TinyPNG to compress your images without losing their quality.

2. Choose a fast theme
Some themes are designed to load faster than others. If you're using a slow theme, consider switching to a faster one. You can find numerous free and paid themes that are optimized for speed on Shopify's theme store.

3. Reduce HTTP requests
The more HTTP requests your website makes, the slower it will be. You can minimize the number of requests by reducing the number of apps you use, combining CSS and JavaScript files, and using a content delivery network (CDN) to serve static files.

4. Optimize your code
If you're comfortable with coding, you can optimize your code to improve your website's speed. This involves removing unnecessary code, minimizing the size of your CSS and JavaScript files, and using best practices like lazy loading and deferred loading.

5. Optimize your Shopify apps
Third-party apps can add functionality to your website, but they can also slow down your website. You should only use essential apps and make sure they are optimized for speed.

6. Minimize redirects
Redirects can add extra time to your website's loading time, so you should minimize them.

7. Minimize the use of custom fonts
Custom fonts can make your website look great, but they can also slow it down. You should only use essential fonts and limit the number of custom fonts you use on your website.

By implementing these additional tips, you can further enhance the speed of your Shopify website and provide a better user experience for your customers.


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Hi @Summer-joy ,

Here are most important things you need to do to improve mobile speed.

1- Fix the render blocking issues - this means making sure files load quickly without holding the further loading of files for 1 file.

2- Implement preloading, async and prefetching - this is similar to above point but it means telling browser which js files to load how , you can get details on this on


3- implement lazy loading 


4- change all images to webp format.

You can also use to implement auto speed optimization.


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Hi @Summer-joy 

I hope you are doing good and welcome to the Shopify Community!
I am San from MS Web Designer.

Your website is slowing down, if you can Get Better Results, then you need to optimize your store.

Few Tips to Speed Up your Shopify store-
1. Use compressed images
2. Optimize use of Shopify apps
3. Implement AMP
4. Consider Professional Help
5. Use a single Hero Image
6. Minify Js/Css files



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Hey @Summer-joy 
As You have mentioned that your website speed score is 42 and So, It's probably because your site has some core web vitals issues that directly link with your website speed. You can easily optimize them using a tool. I would suggest you use Website Speedy Tool.

Reason for Suggesting Website Speedy - 
Easy to navigate
Easy to setup
Only basic knowledge require (for just pasting a script)
cost effective
Instantly boost your website speed upto 2-3x
Good support staff 

You can use their free trial to check the tool performance for your site.