how do i increase store speed

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ok i am just getting started and testing a few things and my store speed was once 59 but it dropped to a 53 but on the youtube video to check it through google it says 70 for mobile and 97 for desktop. Whats going on because i am confused and i need help because i deleted 3 sales channels to try to improve it but befor the video was finished i just removed them without removing the codes and i dont know how to manage any of the codes

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This is an accepted solution.

Look at Google Pagespeed / Lighthouse performance scores as guidance and not a definite metric with respect to your Shopify store. There are many website optimization scanners and all use different metrics and variables to calculate performance.
This is a good article that explains all the pros and cons of Google PageSpeed with respect to the Shopify websites.

Try scanning your site with this scanner that is tailored to Shopify

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how do i send the private message?

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I'm a bit confused on the instructions. Can someone elaborate. My site score is OK drops to 44 some times. Not the greatest. Is it due to the amount of products I have loaded ?

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HI getting a developer to set you up with a headless exprience like Gatsby JS is built on Gatsby JS..



see the test 

I am currently setting a store or two up with Shopifys new 2.0 theme Dawn, I wouldnt say its ready to go out the box without out some custom work but the site speed increases are amazing because it's basically a real Progressive web application if you follow the best practices. 

Currenttly one of the stores performs well but the CLS still hovers too far above the benchmark it seems

See the future light test




This is after using all the Development Tricks I know to work around Shopify V1s speed challenges...bare in mind  Google is changing the weight of all things page speed at the moment so if you dont have a Page Speed Friendly dev on hand who understands how full stack applications work prepare to bang your head against the wall because this the only the beginning !!

FYI make sure youve checked the Embedded Review Snippets as well as those are also throwing out new errors: 

Also the Shopify Gatsby and Gridsome (vue js version) has conflicts in their out of the box starter packs which is why I cancelled my plans to move these 2 sites there for page speed sake!