How do I removed Reduce unused JavaScript

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How can i removed unused JavaScript ??


If anyone knows how can i removed this unused JavaScript let me know it's slowing down my website and don't even know what is this used for

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Hi @Aasif007,


I think those are script from APPs. I do not think you have a way of removing some javascript from APPs other than removing the app

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I just delete apps from shopify backend. Do I have to remove the app from code also?

Do you think these scripts coming from apps I removed previously?

currently I am using these app 

And these are the app I have removed from shopify backend.
please let me know if this coming from deleted apps, I really appreciate your time thanku.

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Hello @Aasif007,


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The files you mentioned are JavaScript files that are used on your website.

assets/seal-review.min.js is likely a JavaScript file that is used to display a review or testimonial seal on your website. This file may contain JavaScript code that is responsible for the animation or interactivity of the seal.

latest/spb.en.js is likely a JavaScript file that is used to support a specific feature or function on your website. The file name suggests that it may contain JavaScript code related to the English language support for your website. This file may contain code for features such as a language selector, translations, or other language-related functionality.

In general, JavaScript files are used to add interactivity, animations, and other features to a website. However, they can also slow down the loading speed of a website if they are not optimized or used efficiently. It's important to regularly audit your website's JavaScript files and remove any unused or unnecessary code to improve your website's performance.


To solve the unused JavaScript error for these files, you will need to identify the specific code that is not being used on your website and remove it from the files.

1. Analyze the JavaScript Files
Look for any functions, variables, or code blocks that are not being used on your website.

2. Use a Linter
A linter is a tool that checks your code for errors and issues. You can use a linter like ESLint to identify unused code in your JavaScript files.

3. Remove Unused Code
Once you've identified the unused code, remove it from the JavaScript files. Be sure to make a backup of the original files before making any changes.

4. Test Your Website
After removing the unused code, test your website to ensure that all the features and functions are working correctly.

5. Minify Your JavaScript Files
After removing the unused code, you can minify your JavaScript files to reduce their size and improve the loading speed of your website.

By identifying and removing unused code from your JavaScript files, you can help improve the performance of your website and reduce the loading time of your pages. It's important to regularly audit your website's code and remove any unused or unnecessary code to ensure that your website is running smoothly and efficiently.


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Thanku very much for your detailed explanation can you please tell me these scripts are coming from shopify theme not from apps.
If yes then I don't want to removed it.

Am using Dawn theme and this is the page am having issues with :

I really appreciate your reply thanku!

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Hello @Aasif007 

In your store, if there is heavy JavaScript calling. so you need to work on it if you are having coding knowledge.

you need to use Async or defer JavaScript.

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