How has Shopify's recent activity impacted SEO ranking in 2021?

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As we have all started to hear, this will be part of the algo for SEO ranking in 2021. I wonder what Shopify has done in the past month that may have contributed to the results I am now seeing? We have made no major changes, only added a few products and updating of content and metas. 

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I know it looks like it could be Shopify which has done something. But from what I saw the progress Shopify has been making in the last many months the sites have just faster and faster.

So my guess is maybe it could be an app which has changed something, from my work with speed improvements the biggest pit falls I see is javascript being added from apps.

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I would rather bet on Google is tweaking their algorithms which results int them changing your score. I saw a similar thing happen at my store. I’ve managed to fix most of them but I’m still struggling to figure out why I’m getting so high CLS on desktop since neither PSI nor Lighthouse reports any issues.