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Hi , 

The Shopify Store Eternal Roses is quite a nice problem free site. But recently, I am seeing a notification where it is saying the speed is slow. however, I haven't added any new plugins or apps? 
Can any one shed some views. 


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It seems quite fast to me, I don't see any major problems considering that you are using various Apps too.

But there are some margin of improvements.

Just to mention 3 that I saw:

  1. You are using and old version of Lazy Loading JS library, I suggest you to update to the most recent
  2. You can update FontAwesome library to the latest version and check if you really need to have the full or you can subset it
  3. Check if you can defer some JS
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Hi @sayani!

After running your site through our Shopify Analyzer it looks like there are a few areas that could be optimized.



Your requests are quite high. You may want to dive deeper into those to see if there are any you can eliminate.

You could also benefit from compressing some oversized images. This can be a big culprit for reduced page speed.

Lastly, it doesn’t look like you have lazy loading implemented. By adding lazy loading, you’ll only load images as they come into view instead of your website loading all of them at once.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will try with lazy loading options and other as suggested. 

Thank you so much !