How to optimize homepage and product images with Photoshop

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Hi there! I took a stab at optimizing my homepage images in Photoshop to size them at 2048 on the long edge, and keep them under 300kb, and the resulting quality is terrible on my homepage. In order to achieve <300kb images, I had to pull the quality slider down to 20, if not lower in some cases, so I'm sure that has something to do with it, but just not sure how to strike the balance. I haven't attempted to optimize my product images just yet, wanted to get these more prominent homepage images sorted first, but if there are specific tips for product images as well, happy to hear them. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 8.53.00 AM.png

My site URL is and the password is "caytai"  I left the first image on the site as is after attempting to optimize it, so you can see the poor results. 

Any tips are much appreciated! 

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Shopify already compresses the image when they are served them from their CDN, therefore you don't need to compress them.

Check the documentation here: Compression rates 

I suggest you to save the image with Photoshop at Maximum quality, try to upload it and check if the results is better.

I downloaded the image from your website and the quality detected is around 65 now and size 220KB.

I'd like to see what is after you followed my advice.

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