How to reduce the impact of third-party code

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When running a speed test on pagespeed Insights. In DIAGNOSTICS tap it's say reduce the impact of third-party code .


This is the script :

I am little bit confused should I remove the this script or not because it's start from cdn.shopify is it really a third party code???? Can anyone please confrmed?

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shopify-boomerang-1.0.0.min.js is only 20kb and its from Shopify, do not attempt to remove it.

Vstar app is 200kb+ and other resources and large files

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Hello @Aasif007,

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The script you mentioned ( is part of Shopify's Boomerang library, which is a third-party script that helps with measuring website performance and user behavior.

Although it's not necessarily harmful, it can contribute to slower page load times if it's not optimized or used excessively. Therefore, it's recommended to review your website's use of third-party scripts and determine which ones are essential and which ones can be removed.

To optimize the Boomerang script, you can consider the following.

1. Defer or async loading
You can defer or async loading of the script to prevent it from blocking other resources from loading.

2. Minify and compress
You can minify and compress the script to reduce its size.

3. Limit its usage
Limit the usage of the script to pages where it's necessary.

By optimizing the use of the Boomerang script and other third-party scripts, you can help to reduce their impact on your website's speed and improve your website's performance.


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Hello, I'm experiencing a problem with the Boomerang script that's creating an additional <body tag. I'm seeking assistance on either stopping the code from loading or modifying it. Could you please advise where I can locate this code in the Shopify system, or do you have any other suggestions to resolve this issue? Thank you.