How to set HTTP header for Shopify to see end user's IP?

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We are an eCommerce web site acceleration solution. Part of our solution involves caching content and delivering them faster to the end users. To achieve this, we need to be a proxy layer in front of Shopify. The domain is CNAMEd to point to our accelerator. The configuration looks like:


# is CNAMEd to point to us

End user visits -> eCommerce Accelerator -> Shopify origin


When we send the request to Shopify origin, origin treats our server IP address as end users' IP address. Is there any HTTP header that we need to set to help Shopify see the end user's IP? Like "True-Client-IP".


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You can use either X_FORWARDED_FOR or the X_REAL_IP in the header for passing the end user's IP address to Shopify origin.


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We have same problem in our accelerator solution. When a proxy is in front of shopify origin, customer's IP in order is the IP of proxy.
I tried to send real IP of customer in header (X_FORWARDED_FOR or the X_REAL_IP) but ip in order and anti-fraud system always Proxy IP.
Does it exist another Header to send the real Ip ?
Thanks for your help