How to track the page speed performance of your Shopify store?

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Dear Shopify Merchants,


In today's world, where users expect instant gratification, even a second delay in page load time can cause a loss of potential customers. Slow-loading websites degrade your webpage's user experience, which is directly related to your sales. Thus it will or is affecting your sales by a considerable margin.


Do you know what's slowing down your website's loading speed? 


Keeping track of your website's page speed performance is crucial; this helps identify the gaps and issues related to the slowing speed.


But how can you do that? That’s the most usual question most Shopify merchants have in mind.  Hence, we have prepared a list of trusted and user-friendly tools to help you monitor and improve your page speed performance:


Google PageSpeed Insight: The most hassle-free and trusted among all is Google's PageSpeed Insight. This tool measures your website's performance and provides a Page Speed Score to evaluate how your website performs on mobile and desktop devices.  Plus, it gives you valuable suggestions for speeding up your page. The best part? You can install the extension on Chrome and check your page speed without leaving the website!


Webpage test: This open-source tool runs speed tests from multiple locations worldwide and across consumer connection speeds. It offers resource-loading waterfall charts, page speed optimization checks, and improvement suggestions.


Google Analytics: If you're already using Google Analytics, the Site Speed reports can give you insights into how quickly users can see and interact with content and the drop-off points.


Chrome Dev Tools: Another great tool to check your website's performance is Chrome DevTools. It's a versatile real-time tool that allows you to evaluate your website's performance right in the browser. You can simulate network and CPU speeds, examine network loading details, and see how your site's code impacts your page.


Mobile Friendly Test: The Mobile-Friendly Test is your tool if you have a mobile site. This tool is specifically designed for mobile sites. It analyzes how mobile-friendly your site is and focuses on elements beyond speed.


Once you have identified the issues affecting your website's page speed performance, it's time to take action. Depending on your chosen tool, you can follow the suggestions to improve your page speed performance, such as optimizing images or reducing HTTP requests.


Hope you enjoyed this discussion. Let us know if you need further help. The comment box is all yours.


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