I think a speed optimizer may have added fake code to my website

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I recently had my site optimized but I've seen numerous threads about partiulcar code that apparently hides your site from GTMETRICS, in turn allowing them to trick the bot and not actually improve your site speed.


These have all been added within my theme.liquid and Im very concearned as to if they are meant to be ther and the effect they could have.


It 4 in total of the same code.


Can anyone help me?

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Hi, @Arnold980


Yes, you are correct. We have checked the code and would like to inform you that you need to act quickly and resolve the issue.


The code was added to your theme. liquid file captures the entire page content for the header and bypasses the whole page data from Google Page Insight and Gtmetrics.


This JSON code is generally not recommended by us and is used when we don't want Speed Tools to crawl our web pages. It Is a technique used to bypass some scripts or data we don't want the speed engines to crawl and pass the check.


It is highly recommended to remove these codes because it will not only hamper your page’s performance but will also hamper the normal functioning of Apps, whereas some files may get corrupted too.


Hope it was helpful. Please connect with us if you need genuine help with your store's speed optimization.


All the best, 

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