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Is my store speed too slow?

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Hello everyone

I am newbie and I Just started this store. My store is getting traffic but mostly they limited to home page only. Today i checked my website speed with dareboost and find so many problems. My page weight is 3MB which should be less than 2MB and time of fully loading is more than 5 second. Is my store is too slow? kindly help me as i can't understand dareboost suggestions.

my store address is --

please tell me is my store is too slow that is why my traffic is not converting into customers?? please check it on mobile too if possible. Thank you all

dareboost report if you want to go through--

I feel personally that my store is too slow that is why my traffic is not converting into sale. Please please help me out. 

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I tested your website and it works fine, speedwise. On phone is also OK.

Let me know how you go with your store. I also recently run my website and has been getting traffic but no purchase yet ;(

If you are comfortable we can share ideas.


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Hello @Trendychristian ,

For a Shopify store (they tend to be slower than most sites), your site loads pretty fast!

Your Dareboost report is private, so we can't access it. I tested your store with both Google Pagespeed Insights and GTMetrix. Your score is OK-ish. If you're worried about your speed, I would first look at:

- Reducing your Javascript: look at which apps you're using (they tend to have very heavy scripts), remove the unnecessary fluff. Defer scripts where possible and try to only run a script when absolutely necessary.

- Optimize your images: you have off-screen images that load too early. Try to implement lazy loading, if not done yet.

- Reduce your overall payload: you have a lot of stuff loading on your homepage, most specifically a file from deserves looking at. Maybe there's a more efficient app out there?

I recommend following the steps in this post I wrote about speeding up your Shopify store:

Let me know if I can help any further!

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Hi @Trendychristian 

I've checkout your store speed on Google page speed and here is the result:

Screenshot (52).png

The speed is not bad but it needs to optimize to give your customers a better experience( You know a slow-loading store seems to lost visitors as they can not wait to see what the product is and a quick-loading store brings good experience to visitors and also a higher sale rates).

To optimize your store's speed, I'd recommend you these ways: Shopify Speed Optimization: 14 Factors for 99/100 Scores.

Hope it helps!


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Thanks a lot bro. I will work on all of your points. thanking you so much.

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Thanks a lot 

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Thanks a lot bro.