Is this a BinderPOS theme error, is there another reason our website is loading so slowly, or both?

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Our website ( has been lagging badly on most devices since early-mid March, 2024. It's only seemed to get worse since then, with more and more customers reporting that they're unable to access random features ranging from entire product pages to the box that allows them to use their store credit at checkout. Just loading everything on the home page can take upwards of several minutes depending on the device, if it loads at all.


A handful of lucky devices don't seem to have much of an issue with it, and thankfully these include our store desktop computers, but we can't figure out if there's a pattern re: which devices/browsers do and don't struggle to load the website. (For example: some older, slower phones have loaded it no problem, where newer ones have struggled for several minutes, and vice versa.) Both mobile and desktop are affected.


  • We're using the BinderPOS Standard Theme, and our theme editor page (which is useable, if slow), currently looks like.....this:

BinderPOS theme editor.png


  • While all of our BinderPOS apps pages look like this (and attempting to open them got me a couple brief Shopify 500 errors before I was able to access them all — they still look like this a week later):

BinderPOS app pages.png



  • A few customers have also reported that they receive a DNS resolution error 1001 when trying to open our website.


We didn't make any big edits to the site or anything, around when it started lagging. No new apps, no messing with settings beyond adding products and updating the hero slider.


We've tried turning apps/parts of the layout off and back on again, to no effect.


We've tried briefly switching to the Shopify Debut theme (completely uncustomized, just the base settings with our product pages loaded), which did load much faster on both desktop and mobile.


I'm not a tech expert, just a guy with access to Google, and I have no idea what the root of this problem is. I reached out to BinderPOS support a couple weeks ago, but have only heard back that our request has been escalated and there are no other updates on progress. If anyone could give me some direction on how to make even a slight improvement here, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Not to my knowledge, no! Is there anything you'd recommend checking or starting with?