Largest Contenttful Paint Image Lazy Loaded

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This is the only photo above the fold on my front page that lazy loads, and I need help finding the code and removing lazy load from it. 


I'm still very new when it comes to the shopify code, so any and all help would be lovely. 



Heres the banner image I'm referring to. Its a part of the slideshow on my front page. 


After combing through most of my code, the only liquid files that have lazy loading at this point are few and far between and I try to keep lazy loading below the fold. 

This is the coding I think is auto lazy loading all of my photos on my front page:


Definitely correct me if I'm wrong. 


Is there a way to just exclude the banner photos from lazy loading? 

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@tritonebear  Which theme are you using !

Native Lazy Loading
If you've used the loading="lazy" attribute to utilize the browser's lazy loading feature for images in your HTML, simply remove the attribute from the identified LCP image.

Keep in mind that your LCP image could differ on mobile and desktop, so consider disabling lazy loading on all your above-the-fold images.
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I am using a theme by Eight. Specifically Byron but I dont think much differs between them besides style.