Low mobile speed because of gstatic.com?

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As I am trying to optimize my store-speed I just can't get to fix the mobile speed. On desktop everythings fine (between 75-90), but I have struggles with raising the mobile speed. It's mostly around 20-30, rarely above 45.

gstatic.com and the storefront of shopify seem to take a lot of time to load, but how can I fix this? (https://prnt.sc/vq5bb3)




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Hi @fblome ,

PageFly just had some tests with your sites on mobile devices. So I may have some feedback on your store.

I have tested and tried to access your Shopify store on my mobile device. And the result was great, the loading speed is good and fast enough to keep customers on the sites. So I wouldn’t think that you should spend time on improving the page speed. You can use your time to do other tasks. 

Your page has a medium score on the Google Speed Test. There are still things you can do to improve the speedtest score, but the changes won’t be noticeable and not worth your effort.  



I also tested the friendliness of the mobile store, it also gave a good result. I think the first priority for you now is to optimize your layout to get more conversions. Since the loading speed of your site is good enough.


I hope those feedback can be useful for you and your store. Please let me know if you find them helpful by hitting like or mark solution. Good luck with your store!!

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