My page loading speed suddenly decreases when I'm switching into new theme

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Hi everyone! 

My store loading speed was stable until I switched into Basel theme. And now it becomes slower. Since I don't have any experiences in coding, I need you helping me to fix these issues. It affects my page performance and my customer experience a lot. Hope I get responses as soon as possible. Thank you so much! 



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A new theme is a completely different code base, so it's possible the new theme isn't as optimized as the other one.

To see what can and should be optimized for a Shopify site, check the Shopify Analyzer:

From there you'll get recommendations + resources on how to optimize your site, or you can reach out to my team from there. We're experts in Shopify optimization, and built that app free for the Shopify community.

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Hi Jack,


Welcome to Shopify Community. 


Our agency will be glad to help you with speed optimization for free. We can take a look and analyze your store and find issue of the performance. 


Fill out this form and we can discuss further:

Best Regards,



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 A slow loading website can hurt your small business by turning away ... it to show off everything you can, in order to impress new visitors. ... But the more widgets and content you have on the front page, the longer your site takes to load. ... You can also speed up load times using the WordPress options to 

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Hi @Skipss 

as already mentioned, a new theme can and will absolutely have impact on your shops performance. We work on this topic on a daily basis – with and without Shopify sites – and sometimes a single line of code can make a big difference. More often it's much more complex.

I find this Page Speed Scores of Every Shopify Theme article very useful. Whar themes are you switching from and to?


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